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7 products

There is nothing more stylish or timeless than the classic tweed men’s jackets and coats available here at Dunedin Cashmere. Tweed is a practical, durable cloth made from 100% wool. It began life as a foil for the Scottish weather-worn by labourers and farmers but was later adopted by the English aristocracy when they discovered it on their travels north.

The aristocracy who owned estates began to wear tweed themselves and the material’s association with the wealthy and its stylish appearance ensured that it rose to popularity across the whole of Great Britain. The cloth features a diagonal weave or twill and is insulating, highly durable, breathable and water repellent.

It remained the cloth of choice for practising traditional outdoor pursuits and was also to find itself at the centre of a fashion revolution in the latter half of the 20th century.

Youth cultures and their accompanying fashion statements were not a feature of British life until the post-war era when young people had disposable incomes for the first time and much more freedom. In the 1960s the Mods favoured a smart, tailored look which often featured tweed fabric, particularly herringbone designs. Tweed was established as a significant feature of the fashion landscape and today it is more popular than ever and a common sight on the catwalk.


Harris Tweed is a heritage cloth of superlative quality, with production methods protected by law. To carry the name, Harris Tweed must be woven without automation by the islanders of the Outer Hebrides who work from their own homes. The production of Harris Tweed is a cottage industry, ensuring cloth of unique character and the finest quality.

Here at Dunedin Cashmere, we are proud to offer men's Harris Tweed jackets fashioned from fabulous tweed and, of course, made in Scotland. We offer 4 classic colours and patterns: brown check, dark grey herringbone, lovat herringbone and mustard check. Rest assured that each of our Harris Tweed jackets is beautifully tailored, single-breasted and boasts genuine leather buttons.

A Harris Tweed jacket is an investment in style, quality and heritage. It is a fine alliance of traditional, artisan woven cloth and superb tailoring, which produces a unique and timeless look suitable for all occasions. You really can't go wrong with Harris Tweed and we are sure that you will appreciate the exceptional quality of our gents' jackets.


Magee of Donegal is another highly regarded label associated with our men’s jackets and coats range. The brand has a history that dates back to 1866 when John Magee first opened his shop in Donegal selling tailored clothing fashioned from quality clothes. Initially, the fabrics were brought in but eventually, Magee turned to commission local weavers to produce bespoke designs. The resulting clothes were soft and beautifully coloured, with attractive designs that soon garnered an impressive reputation. Today, traditional weavers are still producing fine tweeds for Magee Of Donegal and the brand’s collection of men's tweed jackets.

The Magee of Donegal collection features men's and women's jackets, with the elegant cut and fine tailoring that you would expect partnered by those beautiful and exclusive fabrics in a variety of patterns and shades. The understated elegance is a timeless look with a touch of Irish flair that can be dressed up or down to suit your needs.

At Dunedin Cashmere, we are proud to feature Magee of Donegal. We are sure that you will love the fine tailoring, flattering lines, beautiful fabrics and heritage values that are wrapped up in our range of men's tweed jackets from this renowned brand.

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